Fortymile District Alaska Gold Prospecting

During July of 2016 I prospected Alaska. First of all this was my first trip to this magnificent state. The trip had many goals, while the main goal was spending time with family and friends and Fortymile District Alaska Gold Prospecting. Due to the great time we had, I am planning on spending every summer in Alaska … Read moreFortymile District Alaska Gold Prospecting

Gold Detecting Forums

Gold Detecting Forums Balanced against the need for experience comes the need for knowledge. First of all, there are plenty of Gold Detecting Forums forums out there. As a matter of fact there is a forum out there for everyone’s experience level. By the same token with people involved there comes both the good and bad. … Read moreGold Detecting Forums

Prospecting Mine Tailings

Prospecting Mine Tailings is an excellent way to recover gold that the old timer pacer and lode miners missed. Without a doubt its not always easy to know which tailings will be worth the effort. Thus, research and sampling are the keys. I link to this sampling article for mindset, not necessarily technique. And there … Read moreProspecting Mine Tailings

Friend Faatz Grand Canyon Gold

Introduction Friend Faatz Grand Canyon Gold Back in 2008 a woman named Jeanne contacted me and others on this website looking for information about her great grandfather, Friend Faatz. Friend was from Mayfield, Utah. He owned a small supply store there. Below is Jeanne’s original request and the rest of the story as told here: “Hello … Read moreFriend Faatz Grand Canyon Gold

Formation of Lode Gold Deposits

Formation of Lode Gold Deposits (written by Brian Heike). Ores bearing native gold consist of grains or microscopic particles of metallic gold embedded in rock, often in association with veins of quartz or sulfide minerals like pyrite. These are called “lode” deposits. Native gold is also found in the form of free flakes, grains or … Read moreFormation of Lode Gold Deposits