Getting Started Gold Prospecting, inspirational story about Arizona. Filmed at Black Canyon City, AZ

Hey, friends and internet want to share an inspirational story with you about a friend of mine. It’s really kind of cool because he started prospecting with very little money, and very little equipment. He paid his way through it. It’s something really cool that anybody can do, you can do it too. Let’s jump right in, a little bit of backdrop about myself, I started prospecting in the mid 1980s, it wasn’t the digital age back then, we didn’t have internet and cell phones and forums, and YouTube and Facebook and all that good stuff. It was a completely different world when you’re getting started back then. Fast forward to the 2000s prospecting forums existed since the 1990s in one medium or another, but after about 2000, they really started to take off, and there’s some really popular ones, and some that have died out over the years. But this story starts with a forum. One of the forums back then had an outing, and some of the forums still do these outings, I know Bill at NuggetShooter does outings, I think twice a year. And that’s really cool of Bill to bring people together. Same thing, exact same concept, the forum of the time, someone came on there and said, “Hey, I want to do an outing.” A lot of people got together during this outing, and it was people from all different prospecting skill levels, from absolute novices beginners, to people who’ve been doing it for quite a long time. I went to this outing with a good friend of mine, Laszlo, who is also a veteran prospector. We’re up there and we met this other guy, he was just getting started, he was very, very new to prospecting, didn’t have a lot of money. He hung out with us for the day, he wanted to check out what the detectors we’re doing. He figured out that he pretty much wanted a detector, but the lack of money – it forced him to start somewhere else. And he started with a ten cent pie tin from a thrift shop. He took that ten cent pie tin and he started panning gold up at Lynx. It took him about two weeks to get enough gold to buy an actual gold pan. He either took the gold into the prospecting shop up there and traded it in or he sold it to them or something. But anyway, there was an exchange, gold for actual gold pan. We liked this guy a lot and wanted to help him get started. So every now and then he came on a prospecting adventure with us when he could. We’d loan him a detector so that he was able to get a little taste of detecting himself. He knew he really liked it. It took him about two years of going panning at Lynx all the time, and coming detecting with us now and then, borrowing detectors to find enough gold to actually buy one himself. He ended up buying a Minelab, SD 2100. Minelab makes, some of the best gold prospecting detectors out there, they’re great. I highly, highly recommend Minelab detectors. He bought this SD, and this was probably around 2005 or 2006, it came with some coils. He went from having nothing, asking questions, to a pie tin, to a gold pan, to borrowing equipment when he could just to learn all he could, making friends, and just working his way up saving the gold, buying the SD. That was really cool. It took him about another year and a half, to really get to know the detector and to become proficient with it to where he was super confident in it. He was able to find gold consistently. But he did it, and you can do it too. So, if you’re sitting there and you’re looking at the price of detectors and you’re going “Hey, I don’t know if I can ever afford a detector. I’m just getting started. I don’t have anything. I don’t have any money really.” well, my friend always inspired me hope he inspires you to he started with a ten cent used pie tin from a thrift store and made his way up to a detector. That is really cool, hard work, determination, persistence and patience. They always pay off. And you can do it too, take advantage of the resources available to you like forums, Facebook groups, everything in the digital age is at your fingertips, outings. Kudos to Bill at NuggetShooter for still doing outings. I mean, that’s just super cool. I think Rob Allison still does them NuggetHunting too I don’t know, I don’t keep up with what everybody’s doing. But Bill and Rob are both great guys, and they had great forums. So use the resources available to you like my friend did, ask questions, Work hard, get your ten cent pie tin whatever that is for you, and make it happen. So anyway, I Hope you enjoyed this video. I hope it inspired you. You can see behind me this is a really great area this creek. You can see some mountains up there. You might know where I’m at, doesn’t really matter, I don’t care if you do or not. But it’s cool, there’s been a lot of gold found back in this area. So I hope this story inspired you. Go get your ten cent pie tin, whatever that means for you. Until next time, be safe kids.

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